Your guide to fitter feet!

Your guide to fitter feet!

Healthy and fitter feet mean you can move freely and stay active. Learn the top tips that will help you keep on the truck and stay active.

As we age, many changes happen; we will also notice the impact of age on the health and aging of our feet. These changes include the level of activity that you are able to do. Here are some tips that will help you to take care of your feet to get fitter feet.

Before we get started, you should know that foot pain is not a normal part of aging or something you must accept.

Tips to get fitter feet

Yes, you can do many things to help you keep your feet healthy and take care of them like

Wash your feet daily

  • Washing the feet daily will help prevent any infections; the presence of dirt on the skin may cause inflammation and infection.
  • Don’t forget to dry them well, especially between the toes, to help protect you from the athlete’s foot.
  • If you notice dry skin on your feet, use a moisturizing cream, not body lotion.

Cut your nails

Keeping your nails short will help you move around easily. But with age, clipping toenails may become more difficult. The podiatrist at Health and Style Medical Center may help you if you are facing some difficulties when trimming your nails.

Cut your nails straight and never cut them at an angle, as this may cause an ingrown nail.

Keep them warm

Keep your feet as warm as possible, but avoid wearing socks or any shoes that are too tight as they can restrict circulation or cause toe cramping.

Choose the right shoes

Fitter feet start with the right shoes. Choosing the right footwear is a critical step because good shoes provide protection and support for your feet and may improve your balance. Improper shoes can easily trip you and cause you to fall.

  • Look for shoes with uppers made of smooth leather or a stretchy synthetic fabric that also allows for breathability.
  • Make sure the heel is firmly in place.

You can read more tips on how to choose the right shoe.

Check your feet regularly

Regularly checking your feet will help you spot problems at first and treat common problems like calluses and cracked skin. Also, some conditions such as diabetes or circulatory problems can be identified by looking at the feet.

If you suffer from some chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis or chronic circulation problems in your legs, you should check your feet regularly and make sure that you get regular checkups.

Keep in mind that fitter feet will allow you to participate in all of your favorite activities while maintaining your passion.

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