Top tips to choose the right shoe

November 9, 2021 by Alaa Hamdy0

Our feet carry us five times around the earth in an average life. However, we give them less attention than they deserve and rarely wear the right shoe.

When it comes to choosing the right shoes, you should think about more than fashion, as it is the footwear that protects your feet for most of the day and helps keep your feet in good shape, so these tips can help you choose the right shoes:

  • Shop for shoes after work because your feet naturally expand during the day.
  • Measure your shoes every time you buy new ones since your feet size may change as you get older. If one foot is larger than the other, buy a size that fits the larger foot.
  • Gently press your hands against the top of the shoe to make sure there is about 1 cm between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Also, move your toes to make sure there is enough room.
  • Walk around in the store to make sure it fits and is comfortable for you.
  • Look for the shoes that suit you and do not buy a shoe that is not a good fit.
  • Do not just depend on the shoes’ sizing, because sizes vary across manufacturers.
  • Examine the inside of the shoe for any markings, seams, or other substances that may irritate your foot.
  • Check the soles of the feet. Is it robust enough to provide protection from sharp objects? Do they offer any cushioning?


  • The wider the heel of the shoe, the better the distribution of body weight.
  • The height of the heel should not be more than 4 cm because this will increase the weight on the front of the foot
  • Shoes with a low heel height of around 1-2 cm may be more comfortable than shoes with a completely flat sole.
  • Make sure that the back of the shoe is high enough to prevent the foot from lifting out of the shoe when walking.

Upper part of the shoe

  • The upper part must be made of a natural material such as leather or breathable fabric.
  • The sole must be made of a material such as rubber to provide support and shock absorption.
  • The sole may cause slipping if the sole is completely smooth.

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