Muscle pain after exercising?! But why?

Muscle pain after exercising?! But why?

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Life taught us that everything has a price, and certainly muscle pain after exercising is the price of exercising. Whatever your fitness level, you may have muscle pain after beginning a new activity or pushing yourself harder than usual.

Why do you feel muscle pain after exercising?

Contrary to popular belief, lactic acid accumulation is not the reason! Muscle pain after physical activity, known as “delayed muscle soreness,” usually happens after starting a new exercise program, changing your exercise routine, or increasing the duration or intensity of regular exercise. It is typically caused by the muscles functioning more or in a different way than they are used to.

When will you feel better?

It usually lasts 3 to 5 days. The pain, which can range from mild to severe, usually develops a day or two after exercising. You should not confuse this type of pain with any other type of pain you may encounter while activity, such as sharp and sudden pain that occurs as a result of an injury, such as muscle strains or sprains.

Who can have muscle pain after sports?

Muscle pain after exercise can affect anybody, including individuals who have been active in sports for a long time, such as professional athletes, who are familiar with it.

Pain is a normal part of the muscular adaptation process to develop endurance and strength while the muscles recover and strengthen. The good news is that pain reduces as you exercise and your muscles adjust to the new kind and amount of activity.

Treatment tips

These tips may help relieve symptoms:

  • Rest
  • Ice packs
  • Take painkillers when needed.
  • Massage the affected area.

You should see a doctor, if your pain becomes unbearable, you have severe swelling, or your urine turns dark.


One of the best ways to prevent muscle pain after any physical activity is to start a new activity gently and gradually to help the muscles adjust to the new movements to reduce the pain. Also, warming up will reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance.

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