Plantar fasciitis treatment… What are the options?

April 25, 2022 by Alaa Hamdy0

Before talking about plantar fasciitis treatment let’s discuss facts, plantar fasciitis, which causes swelling and pain, accounts for around 11% to 15% of common foot disorders! At first, you may think the numbers aren’t that significant, but the pain is, and it generally causes stabbing pain! Fortunately, several treatment options are effective in relieving pain and allowing you to return to your daily activities.

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Plantar fasciitis Treatment

There are several therapy alternatives available, but combining many options is more beneficial than using just one.

Home remedies

There are various ways you may do at home that are helpful and can help relieve the symptoms. These techniques include:

Ball/ice bottle

  • Put a ball or round iced bottle under your foot and roll it up from heel to toe.
  • It helps reduce local inflammation and massage the plantar fascia.
  • Be careful not to put ice for a long time or directly on the skin to avoid getting an ice burn!

Calf muscle tightening

It helps in preventing recurrence.

To do this exercise

  • Stand on a thick book and then do the stretching exercise
  • Stand with your toes straight while you are barefoot
  • Make sure your knees are straight, you can use a smaller book if you can’t stand straight and then slowly increase the height of the book as you become more flexible
  • Continue to stretch for 2-5 minutes

It is necessary to do these exercises twice a day.


  • Make sure you’re wearing supportive shoes that are appropriate for the activity you’re doing. Choose shoes with short heels to help relieve symptoms.
  • Remember that non-supportive or flat shoes are not appropriate during the treatment.

For more tips on how to choose footwear.

The medical treatment

The treatment plan that your doctor has prescribed for you may include some other treatment methods such as

  • Corticosteroid injections that have a strong effect in reducing heel pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is critical to follow your doctor’s treatment plan or your symptoms will probably worsen. Also, if you are overweight, losing some weight may assist alleviate stress on the plantar fascia.

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy if your symptoms are slowly improving!

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