Neuroma: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Neuroma: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

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What is Neuroma?

A neuroma is mostly benign i.e non-cancerous in nature. A neuroma is an overgrowth of tumor or nerve tissue, however it is often painful and occurs mostly between third and the fourth toes. Neuroma is more painful while walking and the only way to stop the pain at that moment is to stop walking at that time. This means that a neuroma can be major hindrance while walking. The pain felt is often described by patients as having a stone in between their feet. The pain is accompanied by a burning sensation or mere numbness in the area.

Causes of Neuroma:

Neuromas are commonly found in women. The exact cause for this condition is unknown. Yet the major factors contributing to the formation of a neuroma can be:

  • Pressure, stress or trauma can lead to inflammation of a nerve tissue.
  • Improper shoes like pointed toe shoes and high heels can increase the pressure at the forefoot area. Pointed shoes can squeeze the toes in a problematic fashion.
  • Natural deformities like flat foot or high arched foot again can lead to the formation of a neuroma.

How to Treat Neuroma:

The best way to never develop a neuroma is to wear proper shoes. It is always a good idea to wear roomy shoes. Avoid high heels. Actually shoes that are flat should be a choice for you to avoid not only the growth of neuromas but it can actually keep many other hoot problems at bay. It’s best to see your podiatrist immediately, if you are already affected with a neuroma. Neuromas can cause excruciating pain if left untreated. Wearing orthotic insoles and over the counter shoe pads always prove helpful. To relieve the pain immediately try massaging the area gently and put an ice pack. Never ever use a heating pad, this might alleviate the swelling.

The severity of the neuroma determines the mode of treatment. If detected early, then there is low chance that surgery will be done. But if has turned into a full-fledged tumor then surgical removal of it is the only way out. When detected early chances are that the problem will get resolved on its own provided pressure is relieved from the affected area. Anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections are prescribed to relieve the acute pain. Surgery entails removal of inflamed and enlarged nerve. It may take a few weeks to completely recover post the operation.

If these neuroma foot solution can’t help you, talk to our podiatric surgeon. We can assure the best treatment for you in UAE!

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