Is Cryotherapy a treatment procedure?

Is Cryotherapy a treatment procedure?

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Do you need to remove some warts? Did your doctor advise you to use cryotherapy? Surprised by the name and wondered how the treatment is done? know what they are.

Cryotherapy is a cosmetic method that uses a very cold chemical called liquid nitrogen to get rid of skin tags and treat some sores, including viral infections such as warts or verruca.

What are the side effects?

First, let’s discover what cryotherapy is before learning the side effects. The treatment involves applying liquid nitrogen with a gun or pen for about 10 to 30 seconds. It causes a feeling of cold, but it is bearable. It is a safe and reliable treatment and the cosmetic result is often very good. But the result often varies depending on the nature of the skin tags, and you may need to use more than one method of treatment. It may also cause some rare side effects such as:

  • Scar formation
  • Change in skin color in and around the treatment area

Does it require specific care after treatment?

Treatment may produce a burn-like reaction such as redness, fluid leakage, or crusting that last for a few days. So, it is normal to notice that the treated skin becomes red or swollen within 24 hours and the redness and swelling usually lasts for a few days. The degree of swelling will vary depending on the location and duration of the freeze. The healing process may take up to 6 weeks. Take a pain reliever such as paracetamol if it hurts very much.

A crust will form after a few days, leaving a pinkish-tinged area that will gradually fade.

  • Allow the crust to fall off naturally
  • Do not cover the treated area with a bandage.
  • Wash the area normally but do not rub it
  • Dry the area by patting it
  • Do not swim until the area has peeled off

Talk to your doctor if you have problems such as severe pain and swelling that don’t respond to simple pain relievers, are concerned about infection, or if you notice worrisome changes in the affected area.

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