Importance and sources of Vitamin D

Importance and sources of Vitamin D

vitamin D prevents prostate cancer growth

Why You Need Vitamin D?

From our very childhood we have been hearing form our mothers about the importance Vitamin D in our bodies. Though many of us might know that it is actually important but not many people know why! So here’s a short preview of the importance of Vitamin D. We are pretty sure after reading this article the next time you encounter sunlight, you might not dislike it.

Bone Density and Growth

Have you ever heard of a person who has soft bones and you have always wondered what could be the probable cause of it! The probable answer is deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is mostly needed in our body for absorbing Calcium. Lesser the absorption of calcium in our body, softer the bone is. Also lesser calcium percentage might hamper proper growth of bones as well. But the importance of Vitamin is not limited to this, here are few other important aspects of Vitamin D.

Reducing Risk of Multiple Diseases

1. Sclerosis is a disease where the immune system ends up eating the protecting coverings of nerves. Vitamin D reduces the risk of having this disease.
2. Vitamin D also reduces the risk of heart related problems.
3. It also helps in prevention of flu

Fighting Depression

In one study it was found that people who suffer from anxiety and depression often show improvement if Vitamin D is administered to them. Vitamin D plays a vital role in mood swings, anxiety problem and depression.

Losing weight

In case you are carrying some extra pounds in your body and you are just not comfortable about it, you might want to add some Vitamin D to your diet. According to scientists extra calcium and Vitamin D has an appetite suppressing effect.
So the next big question is, where to get Vitamin D from? Yes, we have answers for that too, just keep reading


Yes, the oldest and yet the most effective way to get some Vitamin D.

Vitamin D tablets, liquids, and supplements

In case you are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, do consult a doctor. Your doctor might prescribe you some vitamin D tablets or liquids or supplements. Guess what, you can buy these online from Propharma now. To buy them, click here.

Strong: Food sources
And obviously another organic and natural way of having some Vitamin D would be from food. Here are a list of few food items which are rich in Vitamin D. Do consider them in your diet.
• Egg yolk
• Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel
• Sardines
• Milk (fortified)
• Orange juice (fortified)
• Cereal (fortified)
• Yogurt (fortified)
• Beef liver
• Cheese

So go out, soak some sun, have some vitamin D enriched food, take some Vitamin D tablets and live a healthy life.

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