How to clip your kid’s nails smoothly?

How to clip your kid’s nails smoothly?

close up of mom’s hand with scissors trimming her kid’s nails

Many kids find clipping their nails too challenging, resulting in behaviors to avoid such as yelling, tantrums, running, and pulling their hands or feet apart.  Clipping a kid’s nails could be a big challenge for many mothers and their kids, but it is an essential step of foot care that must be done periodically and correctly. So, in this blog post, we will show you how to properly clip your kid’s nails.

First, know your child’s fears

  1. Nail clippers may be frightening. Try purchasing a more appealing one that is more appropriate for kids; select a nail clipper with cartoon characters or shapes that your kid likes.
  2. If your kid hates using nail clippers, baby nail scissors or a nail file may be useful. File nails indeed take longer, but your kid may accept it as an alternative.
  3. Help your child manage their tension before clipping their nails by applying pressure to the putty or stress ball.
  4. Distract your kid by letting them play with a toy before and during nail clipping. You could even let them watch their favorite TV show while you trim their nails.
  5. Ask your child to trim their nails; obviously, this may vary depending on your kid’s age. But the kid’s ability to handle the situation might aid to minimize sensitivity to nail clipping.
  6. Your kid’s problem may be due to discomfort after cutting their nails, so try not to shorten the nails too much.
  7. Sometimes kids hate the sound that nail clippers produce when trimming their nails. Then it will help to let your kid listen to their favorite song while clipping nails or use scissors.

It’s time to clip your kid’s nails

After you have identified your kid’s fears and figured out how to overcome them, here are a few tips for clipping kids’ nails without causing a major meltdown.

Before cutting nails!

  • Choose a place with adequate lighting and plenty of light.
  • Wash your kid’s feet and soak them in a bowl of warm water before clipping their nails, because softer nails are easier and faster to trim.
  • Make nail clipping a fun game. For example, let your kid choose the next nail.

Cut nails properly

  • Cut the nails straight
  • Do not cut the sides of the nail and do not make them sharp, because this may cause an ingrown nail.
  • Do not shorten the nails too much because they may blister.

If you notice any signs of infection such as pus, redness, swelling, pain, or heat around the nail, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

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