plantar warts

plantar warts

Man checks wart at home after cauterizing it with celandine on infected foot. Human papillomavirus or HPV. Verruca papilloma callus virus. Viral skin infection concept. Needling for plantar warts

Case study: Needling for plantar warts

Plantar warts, those stubborn bumps on the soles of your feet, can make even the simplest walk a painful experience. But what if there was a minimally invasive and effective solution? Dry needling, a technique gaining traction in the medical world, might be the answer. Let’s see how effective needling for plantar warts is. Case study: Needling for plantar warts This case study details the journey of Sarah, a 25-year-old athlete plagued by a persistent plantar wart. For months, she endured pain and limited mobility, struggling to participate in her beloved sports. Over-the-counter treatments offered no relief, leaving her feeling discouraged and desperate for a solution. That’s when Sarah discovered dry needling. A bit hesitant at first, she decided to give it a try. The procedure includes using a sterile needle to puncture the wart tissue, triggering her immune system to attack the HPV virus. While she felt slight discomfort during the procedure, Sarah was surprised by the lack of significant pain. The therapist assured her that the discomfort was temporary and necessary to stimulate the healing process. Over the next few weeks, Sarah underwent several dry needling sessions. Each time, she noticed a noticeable improvement. The wart began shrinking, and the pain gradually subsided. Slowly but surely, Sarah was regaining the ability to walk and exercise pain-free. After a total of five sessions, Sarah’s plantar wart had completely disappeared. The results made her overjoyed and she could finally return to her active lifestyle without any limitations. Key Takeaways from needling for plantar warts: Is Dry Needling Right for You? If you’re struggling with plantar warts and traditional treatments haven’t worked, dry needling might be worth considering. Consult your podiatrist to determine if this approach is suitable for you. Remember: Each individual’s experience with dry needling may vary. Sarah’s story is just one example of how needling can effectively combat plantar warts and restore pain-free mobility.

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Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

What is Plantar Warts? Warts are infections on the skin caused by one particular strain of human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts which grow on the plantar surface (Bottom) of the foot are known as plantar warts. Warts are mostly non painful in nature. However, depending on the area and size of the wart it might prove to be a cause of irritation and pain. Plantar warts can be seen in all age groups but they are most common amongst high school going children. Causes of Plantar Warts • Using public showers can cause plantar warts • If you like to swim you should know that swimming pools can be a reason for warts too • Some kind of wound, friction on the skin sometimes might cause plantar wart • Weakened immune system can also be the probable causes for the spread of infection. Plantar warts are non-malignant and non-cancerous, in fact in about sometime most warts go away without any treatment. The size of the warts is 2-3 cms in general. However some warts may grow bigger and other might just might take the shape of little colonies. Treatment of Plantar Warts Home Remedy for Plantar Warts: There are various ways of treating the wart at home. Duct tape is one such home remedy. A small strip can be placed over the wart and left for a few days. It can be removed just by peeling of the duct tape. The peeling method can be applied with salicylic acid as well. Visit our clinic: 1. Cryotherapy: If you visit our podiatry clinic our doctor might suggest you to go for cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is basically done to freeze the wart by applying liquid nitrogen to it. Usually the dead tissue falls of within a week or so. Sometimes it might take you a few sittings with us to get rid of the wart completely. Other popular treatments are, 1. Laser Treatment 2. Minor Surgery 3. Vaccination Although warts are mostly non painful yet they might prove to be very unbecoming for us at certain situations. They become a cause for embarrassment for us in social gatherings and can indirectly be the cause of our low self-esteem. So it’s extremely important that they should be treated

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