Take Care of Your Feet!

Wondering how the care of your feet is related to or even affected by your diabetic condition? Here it goes…Diabetes can reduce the blood supply to your feet. This in turn cancause a loss of feeling termed as peripheral neuropathy. Many times you might not notice if your foot is sore or injured, and sometimes injuries might not heal well leading to further complications.

Foot specialists recommend bringing your blood sugar levels under control to reduce the high risk of complications involved. The need to ensure that your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also under control is imperative.

Does it sound even more complicated than ever imagined? It’s not … Your local Podiatrist at Health & Style Medical Centre has the answer to your doubts and fears.

We Recommend Some Foot Care Tips as Follows :

Regularly check your feet and keep them clean and free from infection.
Your shoes should fit well and donot wear shoes that squeeze or rub. They are not just uncomfortable but can cause corns, calluses and nail problems that are uncalled for especially with a diabetic condition.
As a precaution, avoid walking barefoot to prevent cuts.
Avoid sitting with your legs crossed so that you do not restrict your blood circulation.
Avoid smoking to protect your feet as smoking impairs blood circulationparticularly in people with diabetes. It can seriously worsen foot and leg problems.
Cut your toenails regularly.
Get corns or hard skin treated by your local podiatrist at Health & Style Medical Centre. Do not wait to seek treatment if blisters and injuries do not heal quickly.
Seek immediate attention and wait no longer if you notice :

any minor breaks in the skin of your foot or discharge seeping from a wound.
The skin over part or all of the foot changes colour and becomes more red, blue or pale.
Extra swelling in your feet where there was a blister or injury.

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Reasons behind your Painful Heels!

Are you here feeling the same? Wanting to know why your heel hurts?? With our heel providing much-needed support and balance to your foot, it can be a major chore to be walking, running or even just standing for too long when they hurt. There are a few common reasons why people experience heel pain and luckily there are solutions available at our end from your own Abu Dhabi Podiatrists, right here in the heart of Abu Dhabi. If your heel hurts, explore the possible conditions and treatments available at Health & Style Medical Centre, 1st Floor Office, BHS Building, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi.

Heel Pain Causes

Heel Spurs

Suffering from Heel spurs?? But what are they? They are bony growths that develop on the heel of the foot and can get very painful indeed. They are deposits of calcium that build up over time due to intense pressure on the heel, most common in athletes and people who are overweight. Wearing poorly made shoes, walking abnormally, or having flat feet can also put you at risk for heel spurs. This issue is resolved with orthotics, physical therapy, foot taping, and surgery in advanced cases and we at Health & Style Medical Centre have customized shoes to cater to your needs!

Plantar Fasciitis

Suffering from Plantar Fasciitis?? The thick tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot is called the plantar fascia. The inflammation of plantar fascia connected to the heel can cause pain which is also a problem common in athletes who run long distances or for long periods of time, and in overweight patients. Again call in at Health & Style Medical Centre and explore your solutions!

Calluses, Rawness and Irritation

Is it Calluses, Rawness and Irritation caused by too much rough contact with the back of your shoe? Sounds quite silly to approach for a treatment right? But No… this causes redness and irritation of the heel that can make it almost impossible to walk and leads to the development of heel calluses. Women wearing high heels often have this problem. But again, we have an answer at Health & Style Medical Centre. Your podiatrist can reduce the appearance of calluses using special tools.

You need to Get Treatment for Your Sore Heels!!

We understand heel pain can be unbearable—especially if you have to be on your feet for long periods of time for work or sports. If your heel hurts, why wait? Come to our Abu Dhabi podiatry clinic or call us today on 02 633 0515 / 055 511 6072 to schedule an appointment.

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