Verruca! What is the treatment?

Verruca! What is the treatment?

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The foot verruca is very annoying and painful, especially when walking. You can put an end to the pain by following some tips that will help you treat it and prevent reinfection.

What is Verruca?

Verruca, a type of wart, is caused by a viral infection and affects the bottom of the feet. They are brown and have a rough surface and can be very small or large.

What is the treatment?

In most cases, they are harmless and usually go away on their own, but it can take months or even years! It may itch or be painful.

Your pharmacist can advise you about the best treatment for you, which could be creams, patches, or sprays for warts. But these treatments can take up to 3 months, and your skin may become irritated.

The time it takes for a wart to go away varies from person to person. It tends to last longer in older kids and adults. Warts are also less likely to heal on their own or respond well to treatment if a person has a weakened immune system. While you will need to consult a doctor if:

  • You are concerned about their appearance
  • They keep coming back or is very large or painful
  • The verruca bleeds or changes shape

How will the doctor help you to treat verruca?

The doctor at Health and Style Medical Center will prescribe the appropriate method for your condition. Treatment methods include the following:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Cryotherapy (freezing of skin cells) using the latest technology
  • Chemical treatments

How to prevent the spread of verruca?

Warts are not highly contagious, but the infection can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact or indirectly from contaminated objects or surfaces, such as the area around a swimming pool. Your risk of infection increases if your skin is wet or damaged. But it may take weeks or even months for a verruca to appear!

Some tips will help you prevent your loved ones from getting infected or injuring you elsewhere if you have a wart

  • Wash your hands after touching a wart
  • Change your socks daily
  • Cover warts with a waterproof plaster when swimming
  • Be careful not to cut warts when shaving
  • Do not share towels, clothes, socks, or shoes
  • Avoid walking barefoot in public places
  • Avoid scratching or patting the wart

Verruca may be a minor issue, but it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, necessitating prompt treatment.

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