Dr. Banan Khalafalla

Medical Practitioner

Meet our Doctor

Dr. Banan Khalafalla is our Medical Practioner at Health and Style Medical Center, Abu Dhabi. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Medine and Surgery from the University of Gazira, Sudan, and has completed USMLE, Step 2 CK.

Dr. Banan has over 4 years of experience reputed center in UAE. She started her career in Sudan, where she was a General Practitioner for over 3 years. She also joined the Primary Health Care (PHC) researches in rural areas and villages and volunteered in the Diabetic Clinic in Sudan.

We offer you our resources

Know-how and motivation with a positive professional support to our patients. We bring effective relief to our patients by offering them the best treatment with the latest computerized equipment to treat all disorders of gait or postural imbalances and children assessment. Health & Style Medical Center practice extensive care of foot conditions ranging from simple horn ingrown toenail and various nail disorders and skin, it helps to provide effective preventive care for diabetic persons.


Vitamin D Screening

Lower and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Gastro – Intestinal Problems

Headache Management

Cardio Related Problems

Diabetes Mellitus

Eyes, Ears, Nose & Troat Problems

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