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We offer you our resources, know-how and motivation with a positive professional support to our patients. We bring effective relief to our patients by offering them the best treatment with the latest computerized equipment to treat all disorders of gait or postural imbalances and children assessment. Health & Style Medical Center practice extensive care of foot conditions ranging from simple horn ingrown toenail and various nail disorders and skin, it helps to provide effective preventive care for diabetic persons.

A Podiatrist can treat and advise you on many occasions some of which include:

Ageing feet




Heel pain

Podopaediatrics (children’s feet)

Toe deformities

Athlete’s Foot



Fungal infections

Insoles (orthotics)

Sports medicine

Toenail cutting





Ingrown toenails

Sweaty feet


What is Podiatry?

Podiatrists are highly trained specialists who deal with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of medical and surgical conditions of the lower limb. They also prevent and correct deformity, keep people mobile and active, relieve pain and treat infections. When should you see a Podiatrist?

If your legs, ankle or feet hurt, something is not right. In this case we would recommend that you visit a podiatrist who will advise you on the best course of treatment.



Dr. Mohammed Talib Al Mur Salaha Al Rawahi


“Mohammed Talib Al Mur Salaha Al Rawahi, is our Podiatrist from Oman, He’s objective is to deal with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs. He completed four years of Intense course to be a qualified podiatrist. The conditions that podiatrists treat include those resulting from bone and joint disorders such as arthritis, soft-tissue and muscular pathologies, as well as neurological and circulatory disease. Podiatrists are also able to diagnose and treat any complications of the above, which affect the lower limb, including skin and nail disorders, corns, calluses and ingrown toenails. Foot injuries and infections gained through sport or other activities are also diagnosed and treated by podiatrists.

  • Patient 1
  • Patient 2
  • Patient 3
  • Patient 4
Patient 1
  • 69 year old, male
  • Diabetic Type 1 since 1991
  • Has diabetic ulcer of lef heel and ankle for 1 year and a half
  • Has history of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and heart disease


Patient 2

  • 52 year old, female patient
  • Diabetic Type 1 for 22 years
  • Had diabetic ulcer for 4 years, treated in hospital but still not healing
  • Ongoing treatment
Patient 3

  • 53 year old, female patient
  • Diabetic with ulcer foot + fungal nails
  • Histroy of DM type 1×13 yrs
  • Diabetic Ulcer 2 years
Patient 4

  • 53 year old, female patient
  • Diabetic with ulcer foot + fungal nails
  • Histroy of DM type 1×13 yrs
  • Diabetic Ulcer 2 years

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