Causes of Arch Pain and It’s Treatment

Causes of Arch Pain and It’s Treatment


Arch pain is a very broad category which is consist of different types of pains. Though anyone might face arch pain but it’s more common among older people and women. Arch is basically comprised of tarsal and metatarsal bones and some ligaments and tendons. When any of these bones or ligaments or tendons are injured or weakened or stretched you might feel a pain in the arch which is commonly termed as Arch pain. This is a very normal phenomena and almost 10% people suffers for this. So if you fall among those 10%, nothing to worry, many people face it and cure it as well.

Causes and Prevention:

Causes of Arch Pain:

There are different types of Arch pain and for different types of Arch pain causes are also different. We have already covered few types of arch pain which you can refer to but trying to cover almost all type of arch pain here.

  1. Plantar Fasciitis – Check this article
  2.  Stress Fractures – Few bones can be damaged by overuse. So if you are running on a hard surface, this is time when you should recheck and rethink.
  3. Ligament Injury – Apart from bones ligaments are also equally important. Sometimes because of some accident, or some unwanted activities, for example landing awkwardly or twisting of the heel can lead to ligament injury.
How to Prevent Arch Pain:
  • Don’t be an overweight
  • Don’t run on hard surface
  • Don’t walk or stand too long
  • Don’t wear shoes which are not comfortable, don’t wear high heel shoes
Treatment of Arch Pain:

Most of times arch pain doesn’t become very serious and can easily be treated without any surgery. Firstly check out this plantar fasciitis page where we have mentioned different exercise you can do to reduce arch pain and improve your arch. Few other important treatments would be

  1. Use orthotic or shoe inserts
  2. Start using arch support
  3. Wear comfortable shoes
  4. As mentioned in the other article, do continue these exercises
  5. Apply ice 3-4 times on your arch.

After doing all these activities ideally you should feel some relief and after a certain time your arch pain should be gone. If that doesn’t happen do contact with our UAE based podiatrists and we will guide you to the next step.

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