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Health Tips

Young fitness man holding his sports leg injury. Muscle pain after exercising concept

Muscle pain after exercising?! But why?

Life taught us that everything has a price, and certainly muscle pain after exercising is the price of exercising. Whatever your fitness level, you may have muscle pain after beginning a new activity or pushing yourself harder than usual. Why do you feel muscle pain after exercising? Contrary to popular belief, lactic acid accumulation is …

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Man wearing winter slippers lifting his feet on a table to improve circulation in legs representing footcare

Tips to improve circulation to legs

People, particularly diabetics, are more interested in tips to improve circulation to the legs to combat the vascular disease which causes slow healing. It’s true that eating a well-balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising all contribute to the prevention of recurring sores. In addition to taking care of your feet, drinking adequate water, …

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Flowers around beautiful female feet that don't have nail problems with the French pedicure focusing on feet nail

Common causes of nail problems and how to care for your nails

Nail problems, such as brittle and loose nails that may change color or shape, are usually caused by nothing serious. It’s normal for your nails to change shape over time, such as: It gets thicker or becomes brittle and breaks easily with age It becomes firmer, softer, or more brittle during pregnancy, but should be …

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